WProofreader for Quill is a part of WProofreader SDK — a combo of pre-built components for WYSIWYG editors.

Available features

Multilingual spelling and grammar check, autocorrect and autocomplete suggestions, cloud and on-premise deployment, accessibility and customization, custom dictionaries.

Enter you text here. Hover on the marked words for intant correction suggestions. To got the whole text checked at once, switch to the Proofread in dialog mode in the editor settings.

Fancy WProofreader SDK integration with RTEs and HTML controls demo? Request the free trial to test all features.


Copy the below sample code to integrate WProofreader spelling and grammar checker in Quill.

To finalize WProofreader SDK integration into the editor or text field, please update serviceId value for the cloud product version or the service endpoint details (protocol, port, host, path) for the on-premise version. For more details, please read the documentation.


You can customize WProofreader with basic options right now. Choose a theme, localization, spell check ignore options, enable settings to better serve your proofreading needs. Once you’re done, click Apply. To reset settings to default, click Restore defaults.

UI localization
Action items
Settings sections

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